How Do Current Accounts Compare? Bank Loans


 How to compare current accounts to find the one that best suits your credit needs? What is your propensity to save capital? What is your ability to generate cash flows over time? These are all relevant questions that every potential account holder has to answer.

Having made this necessary premise, we discover in this guide how the current accounts proposed by the banks are compared .

How do current accounts compare?


How do current accounts compare?


Current accounts: what are they?

Current accounts: what are they?

 How many times we type in the search bar the keyword ” compare current accounts ” to compare the best commercial offers of the main Italian or European credit institutions.

But before looking for the best current account, the one best suited to meet your savings management needs, it is essential to understand what a current account contract is .

As anticipated, the current account is a financial instrument aimed at managing one’s savings over time.

Defined with the abbreviation C / C, the current account contract is signed between a credit institution and a saver (private, family, companies, associations, public bodies, etc.), which allows the holder to deposit funds and monitor accounting transactions (debit / credit) in total security.

The opening of a bank account allows the payment and withdrawal of cash, the crediting of salary or pension, the transfer of money through bank transfers and the domiciliation of utilities.

Moreover, it is possible to carry out a series of Internet Banking operations that can be carried out with ease even from home or from your own electronic device (smartphone).

Opening a current account at a bank gives the account holder the possibility of using an ATM to withdraw money from his ATM account, thus avoiding the queue at the cash desk.

Furthermore, it is possible to attach a credit card, a debit card or a prepaid card to a current account to be used to complete purchases online or at participating merchants.

Current accounts are uniquely identified by the International Bank Account Number (or IBAN) , a code that uniquely identifies them internationally.

The IBAN is composed of the ABI code of the credit institution where the account is domiciled, the CAB code that uniquely identifies the branch where the current account was opened, and the account number.

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Compare current accounts online: what are the advantages?

Compare current accounts online: what are the advantages?

 A bank account can be opened by going to a credit institution, a financial advisor or online.

Thanks to the Internet, you can open an online account easily, quickly and securely.

Online current accounts allow savers to carry out the same operations as a traditional account, but generally have lower opening and management fees .

Moreover, the online current accounts give the possibility to follow all the accounting movements (debit / credit) directly from your PC, smartphone, tablet and any other electronic device connected to the Internet.

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Compare accounts online: what to evaluate?

Compare accounts online: what to evaluate?

 When comparing the various commercial offers of current accounts offered by the main credit institutions, you must carefully consider the type of account opening : online or in the branch?

Furthermore, you need to consider the types of current accounts : ordinary accounts, packaged accounts, basic accounts and accounts in agreement.

Pay maximum attention to the services offered by the current account : read carefully the Information Sheet that the bank is required to make available to customers both in the branch and on the website.

A current account can also be combined with a credit card, a debit card, a prepaid card and all Internet Banking services .

Furthermore, you can evaluate the possibility of opening a trading account that offers the possibility to buy or sell financial instruments such as stocks or bonds.

Many current accounts give the possibility to request an extra sum compared to the one deposited.

Compare accounts: how to open an online bank account?

Compare accounts: how to open an online bank account?

 After comparing the best offers and offers on the web, you can proceed with opening the current account more convenient and best suited to meet your needs.

To open an online current account, you must meet the following requirements :

  • be of age,
  • present a valid identity document (identity card, driving license or passport),
    present the tax code,
  • present a utility bill to verify the tax domicile of the subscriber.